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            Product Description:

            Drum wood chipper is mainly used for cutting branches, small trees, paper plates, planks with diameter or thickness below 120mm. The cut wood chips is used as pellets making raw material. The cutting part is a rotating drum with a number of cutting knives which can process wood into wood chips.

            This product is widely used in the particleboard plant, medium and high density fibreboard plant, stubble plants, biomass power plant, wood chip plant, etc.

            This drum wood chipper has advanced structure with high quality chipping, strong adaptability of raw materials, easy operation and maintenance. The main raw materials can be small trees, wood processing residues such as branches, twigs, paper plates, crates, log core, waste veneer, etc. it can also be used to cut the non-wood materials such as sugar cane, reed, bamboo, etc.

            This machine is composed of the body, knife roller, feed rollers, conveyor belts, hydraulic systems and other components. According to the actual situation, Yugong drum chipper may increase auxiliary configuration such as chain conveyor feeder, roller conveyor roller feeder, forced feeding device, magnetic roller for metal removal, etc.

            Technical Parameters:
              BX216-3 BX218-6
            Feeding Conveyor 
            (length, m)
            6 8
            Discharging Conveyor
            (length, m)
            13.6 13.6
            Inlet Dimension 
            230*500 300*680
            Blades Qty 
            3 6
            Knife Roll Speed
            590 650
            Max. Chipping Diameter
            230 300
            Size of Finish Chips
            (length*width*thickness, mm)
            20*20*5 20*20*5
            1.5-3 3-6
            Main Motor Power
            55 110 max
            Feeding Motor Power
            3 - 4 4 - 5
            Oil Pump Motor Power
            1.5*1 1.5*1
            Machine weight 
            4070 7000
            External Dimension 
            1800*1900*1210 2200*2150*1500
            Conveyor motor power
            3 3 

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